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Ruth Gámez

"When it comes to translation, the letter of the law takes on a whole new meaning, which it is often confusing for a non-expert. An inaccurate translation may break your case"

Ruth Gámez

Sworn Translator for the English language appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2009).

Expert in legal translation since 2000.


Welcome to my web page. Here you will find solutions for legal and sworn translation in English and Spanish language.

Transactions between companies and individuals of different countries have dramatically increased in the last few years and the trend continues. International relationships involve the signing of contracts, the underwriting of insurance policies, the granting of powers of attorney, etc. Also, the growing mobility of the world's population is generating new legal situations: foreigners that deliver a last will and testament out of their home countries, real estate agencies that sell properties to nonresident individuals, etc. The benefits are immense, but there is always a problem with the language barrier. An inaccurate translation may cause a serious damage. Legal translation is highly complex and the difficulties inherent to this kind of translation demand a deep linguistic and legal knowledge. Therefore, we must count with the assistance of a translator expert in Law. The best-trained professional for the performance of an accurate legal translation is the one that has both Law Degree and Translation and Interpreting Degree.

I am a Translation and Interpreting Graduate, by the University of Vic (Barcelona), with the Legal and Economic specialization and a Law Graduate by the University of Valladolid. Moreover, I have been appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Sworn Translator which enables me to perform sworn translations and interpretations. As a translator specialized in Law, I am an expert in translating legal documents such as contracts (purchase sale contracts, employment contracts, tenancy contracts, loan contracts) as well as insurance policies, writs, court orders, etc.

Your documents are very important and deserve the maximum respect. An accurate translation is essential for your business success. That is why my clients rely on me. If you would like to know their opinion, please visit the section "Clients" and, if you want to learn more about legal and sworn translation you will find it in "What is Sworn Translation".

I hope your visit to my web page meets your needs and that you can find on it the translation solutions you are looking for. For any further information, I will be very pleased to assist you.

Ruth Gámez